Charged With a White-Collar Crime? Our Attorney Can Help.

Charged With a White-Collar Crime? Our Attorney Can Help.

We offer legal representation in the Fresno, CA area

Embezzlement and fraud charges carry serious weight in the legal system. If you're arrested for a white-collar crime, an attorney should be your first phone call. Castro Law Group, PC offers legal services within 100 miles of Fresno, California. We'll work with you to build a solid defense and rebuild your reputation.

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White-collar crimes affect your future

Being arrested for a white-collar crime affects more than your criminal record. Going through the criminal justice system is overwhelming for many, so it's important you have a white-collar crime attorney by your side.

Going through this process alone can...

  • Create stress for you and your family.
  • Cost you money in the future.
  • Impact your professional reputation.

Castro Law Group will work to reduce or dismiss your charges, if possible.

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