The Courts Often Side With the Accuser

The Courts Often Side With the Accuser

Defend your reputation with help from a domestic violence attorney in Fresno, CA

A domestic violence accusation can destroy your reputation and career in one fell swoop. Hiring a domestic violence attorney will give you the tools you need to defend your reputation. Castro Law Group, PC offers criminal law services in Fresno, California and surrounding areas.

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We'll gather all the information we'll need

During domestic violence arrests, the police don't always gather evidence to support the accused-only the accuser. Your criminal law attorney will fight for your rights and help you obtain the necessary information to build your case.

During the process, your domestic violence attorney will...

  • Discuss the incident with you and any involved parties, if available.
  • Gather information about related injuries or property damage.
  • Collect evidence police have obtained from the scene.
  • Build your defense and present it in court.

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