Don't Let Your Case Get Shuffled Between Attorneys

Don't Let Your Case Get Shuffled Between Attorneys

Consult a solo-practicing criminal defense attorney in Fresno, CA

Time is of the essence in criminal defense cases, so you can't afford to waste time explaining your situation to numerous lawyers at the same criminal law firm.

When you come to Castro Law Group, PC in Fresno, CA, the criminal defense attorney you initially speak with will be the same one handling your case.

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Tell us about your charges

Since 2015, our criminal law firm in Fresno, CA has been advocating for clients who've been accused of...

  • White-collar crimes - We'll help you navigate the justice system.
  • Domestic violence - We'll defend your freedom and reputation.
  • Violent offenses - We'll outline your legal options in detail.
  • Theft - We can fight your misdemeanor or felony charges.
What criminal charges are you facing? Contact us now to speak with a criminal defense attorney one-on-one.