Facing Assault Charges? You Need a Qualified Attorney.

Facing Assault Charges? You Need a Qualified Attorney.

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Assault charges can come with a wide range of penalties in California, including a stint in the county jail and steep fines. When your freedom and finances are on the line, you'll be glad you retained an experienced assault lawyer at Castro Law Group, PC in Fresno, CA.

Remember, the prosecution has the burden of proof, meaning they have to convince the judge that you intended to commit and could have committed battery. We'll examine your case from all angles to come up with a defensive strategy.

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When should you call an assault lawyer?

Assault charges are typically filed when there is a threat of bodily harm. At this point, you should retain an experienced assault lawyer in Fresno, CA. Why? The prosecution starts building cases sooner than you think, so you need all the time and help you can get preparing a solid defense.

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